Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stay Ahead of the Rest with Vegan Shoes!

Looking at its recent inception and the ground it has covered, vegan shoes is undoubtedly the biggest thing that has ever happened in the shoe industry. Taking a fast glance at vegan shoes, one would mistake them for leather. However, when you take a closer look, the distinct epitome of flair, class, grandeur blended with simplicity will clearly demarcate the unchallenged supremacy of vegan shoes! Of course, there have been insurmountable obstacles to the acceptance of these animal-friendly shoes but their bountiful, exuberant, and luxurious benefits have always set them a standard higher above the other market competitors.
Vegan shoes were at first tailored for those living pure vegan lifestyles but their trendy and unclouded splendor has led to even non-vegans adopting them for use. This however should not be confused with the toning down of the message behind the wearing of the shoes; all people should respect animals! This is why stores that vend these shoes have an avowed dedication to selling only vegan shoes. You should therefore not worry about having leather or other animal products like wool, suede mixed with other synthetics in the name of vegan; products are 100% vegan certified.

The vegan agenda is increasingly spreading like a bon-fire and is supported by people from all walks of life based on its great importance. It is for this reason that vegan shoes come in a variety of brands like simple, ecolution, veganwears, montrail, splaff, truth, keep, madden girl, melie bianco among many other revered brands. This wide assortment helps clients to easily identify the brands that they love and also have the opportunity to get exactly what you want. Different brands also focus on different forms of synthetic materials when being made, that is why assortments based on brands is very vital.

Shopping can also be done based on shoe sizes. On a face-to-face basis, making a purchase based on size is quite easy. This is because buyers can test the shoes and incase it is not your size, you get can get a replacement. It is however a bit difficult when shipments are being made due to time and distance constrains. However, if one is able send back the shoes on time (without spoiling these shoes), and then most stores will be more than glad to do the replacement.

The third way of shopping for vegan shoes is through color. The aesthetic value of color is a key consideration to many customers when buying. We therefore tap into this need by making sure that we have vegan shoes made in as many colors as possible so as to quench the thirst for particular colors.
Just like clothes, different shoes also go with different occasions and seasons. By marching the right shoes with the right occasion, one ensures a dazzling completeness of beauty. And the vegan shoes provide nothing short of this; from vegan boots, casual dress shoes, summer shoes, vegan sneakers, vegan sandals even vegan pumps.
So if you are not yet part of the vegan movement, what better way to join than starting with vegan Shoes?

Vegan Handbags: True Definition of Class - Trendy and Affordable!

Over recent times, handbags have become an integral part of the lives of women. It is in fact not uncommon to hear amusing stories of the obsession most ladies have with these precious accessories. It is summative that handbags not only help in accentuating one’s personality but also play a vital role in depicting class and style. Of course, there is the vital role of carrying pricey possessions like mirrors, lipstick, money that is mostly overlooked. Anyway, the indisputable fact is; handbags are a must-own for ladies. This is probably the reason why vegan handbags are the “in-thing” for today’s fashion conscious ladies. These non-leather handbags come in an artistic, progressive, popular and flamboyant styles that turn heads whenever a lady is spotted with one! The non-leather materials used to make these bags mostly determine the color used for these bags since specific materials blend well with particular colors. Apart from the cruelty associated with the much criticized leather handbags, such bags also have the harmful chemical known as chromium (used by manufacturers during leather tanning) which poses an adverse threat to users of such handbags. Needless to say is the negative effect of water to such handbags; most ladies can attest to that. In addition, these are the exact opposite of what the befittingly honored vegan handbags stand for.

For starters, these eco-friendly handbags come in a wide assortment. Nowadays, these bags are made from almost anything-ranging from canvas to candy wrappers-and have proved their worth time and time again. The once barren opportunities in the handbag industry due to the unavailability of raw materials in the long-gone leather days, has been replaced by a vibrant market where animal-friendly handbags are rewardingly being produced. The candor, integrity and straightforwardness of these handbags in-terms of their authentic quality have made them not only a pride for vegans, but also an increasingly adopted accessory for non-vegans.

 Moreover, despite the innovativeness associated with vegan handbags, they come in very pocket-friendly prices thus making them easily affordable to people from all social classes. This eliminates the segregation that the exorbitantly priced leather bags placed on people who could not afford to buy them! Some legitimate vegan handbag producers include the famous Matt and Nat, Crystalyn Kae, Sarah Donegan among others, who have their items doing wide circulation in most vegan shops.

So what are some of the things you should look out for when buying vegan bags? Well, first, the stark reality is that fake replicas are made every day. As a buyer, make sure you go to recognized shops to make your purchase. Some of these can be found by looking at Veganchics.com, Mooshoes among many other great shops. Secondly, buy a bag that best suits the climate at that time for example; during summer and spring, get a preferably small-light-weight bag that is easily portable.

It is also important to buy a bag with a color that augments your mood for example; bright hues like yellow, white and red are for an energetic mood while dark colors like black and brown for a less energetic mood. However, it is also advisable to have the bright colors even when you feel a bit gloomy as this may help in brightening you up!

Another key aspect to consider when buying vegan handbags is size. Buy a handbag that is proportional to your body size. Having an extremely large bag when you are relatively small-bodied is not advisable and the same applies vice versa. This also largely depends on the number or size of the items you want to carry in the bag. Do not buy a bag that will force you to leave some necessary luggage home and at the same time, do not buy an extra large bag when you have few items. Just remember the word “Balance” whenever you are faced with a situation where you need to decide on size.

Most of these guidelines are however from the standpoint of serviceability. The exquisiteness in choice of a vegan handbag solely lies in your hands. So do not hesitate to get whatever you want just because someone told you not to; it is a democratic world and everyone is entitled to freedom of choice!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vegan Fashion: The Look of This Season

Long gone are the days when vegans had to be identified by emblazoned writings on their clothes such as “I am vegan; stop Animal cruelty!” Times have changed and so have we. A lot of people walk around these days in trendy vegan fashion without even realizing it. Guess those are the sweet benefits we reap for strongly standing up for something we believe in. It is however disheartening to hear that even with the lots of knowledge spreading around on how cruel it is to kill animals just for the sake of animal products; processing companies dealing uin animal products continue to sprout. Maybe more sanctions…severe sanctions should be put against these atrocious people.
Anyway, that said, it is notable to state that much progress has been and is still being made by vegan fashion designers, documented as having made a huge impact in the fashion industry. Of course, the tussle between vegan fashions and their counterparts continues to date but that does not downplay the massive victory that vegans have made.
Vegan fashion has proved that there are far much better materials to beautify our wardrobes rather than shedding the blood of innocent creatures in the name of fashion. Buying leather and other animal products used in the fashion industry simply means that you are supporting the cruelty subjected to the animals killed in the process. Some viable and great alternatives used in vegan fashion include pleather, canvas, beads, jute and plastics.

Vegan fashion mainly constitutes products such as clothing, shoes, and bags. However, with its increasing popularity, more products are being made using the same technology for example; belts, wallets, pet products, purses among others. These products come in a variety of brands, sizes, colors and are made from a variety of materials, which is important, as customers are not limited for choice. It is also fundamentally amassed that vegan fashion products are very durable, classy, trendy and do not easily wear out in comparison to their non-vegan counterparts.

So many influential people of our time have their full weight behind vegan fashion, as it has proved greatly convincing. The glossy magazine “Hello” and the revered “Vanity Fair” declared vegan fashion as “the look of this season.” Numerous fashion runways have been swept in this great wave. An example is the famous heather mills that just recently launched a “recycled clothing line” which has made great success since its inception.

 The symbiotic relationship between vegans and environmentalists has been a key reason that vegan’s influence grows each day. In fact, numerous vegan fashion companies are members of groups that support environmental preservation. This is more often than not in the form of discouraging animal killing or practices such as sheep rearing which has adverse effects on sheep. According to Matt and Nat who are famous designers of vegan wear based in Montreal, a number of their products such as the linings in laptop carriers are made from water-plastic containers. This they say encourages environmental responsibility and further urges other companies to adopt such environment friendly practices.

Unfortunately, there are not so many vegan fashion shops around. The concept is relatively new and despite its fast-spread, there are places that still have not embraced veganism. This means that so much is yet to be done and it will only be possible if you and I play our parts well. Change is a gradual process and it is the little things you do that make a huge difference! Therefore, however minimal you think your contribution is, just do it! We are pregnant with enthusiasm and undying hope that if we work together, even through fashion, the world will definitely be a better place.